Let’s Pretend We’re Ready

So. October 29. We’re….close.

For the plotters like me, having outlines to clutch to might make you feel secure. I wish I stood in that boat. A combination of law school stuff-and-such has resulted in me having no outlines and really hardly any idea what I’m going to do this month.

If any of my lurky readers are in the situation that I’m in, I suggest the following. First, take a deep breath. I know that you, like me, have procrastinated the fk out of this Nano. But the more you panic, the less you’re gonna get done. Second, we’re now at crunch time, so unless you can devote lots of time in the next three days, you’re gonna have to compromise your planning. Focus on what you can plan. Characters, settings, worlds, plots. Them’s all good. Get an outline together. Even if it’s “Chapter 3: Bob and Jim do stuff.”

Step 3? BREATHE. For serious.

It’s gonna be okay.

And I’m right there in the weeds with you.

Only a couple days to go and I couldn’t tell you whether I’m excited as hell or scared as fk.


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  1. That’s a smart answer to a tricky qustieon

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