Ramping up?

Let’s get this shit going, guys.

November is almost upon us.

For the pantsers, time to make friends on the forums. For the planners, get those outlines done (or started).

And for those who want to have an epic day 1?

Come join us in the OA chat. Magic will happen then and there. Perhaps even miracles. It doesn’t matter what your day 1 goal is; if you want to be amazing, that’s the place you should be.

So let’s get serious. Nano 14 is happening. I’m actually disappointed that I’ll be million-ing again my 11th year, not my tenth, but I seriously cannot do it this year. So I wanna challenge and write with as many of you gaiz as possible this month. I want stories, I want legends, of how fking awesome we all are. And by we all, I mean every. single. one. of. us.

Legends, gaiz. Legends.


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