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So, it looks like I’m going for 250k this year.

However, I’m putting a serious caveat on that number, something that I haven’t done any year prior to now:

Law school comes first. If writing gets in the way of Shit That Has To Get Done For School,  writing will be the loser there.





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Nanowrimo ’13

Hey gaiz.

A smarter person than I might decide to bow out of NaNo for the next 3 years, in the interests of kicking ass at law school.

(Let’s be honest – a smarter person than I might have made the much better decision to not go to law school in the first place)

But, you gaiz all know me. You know that I can’t give this up. We’re on year 9 now.

I have tentatively set a goal, but until I can find a time to actually sit down and plot something (anything), I don’t want to commit-commit or share details.

If you’re looking for me on the NaNo boards, you know where to find me.

Let Nano Season begin!


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