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A Hard Realization

It’s been way too long since I worked on any serious projects for a sustained length of time. I NaNo every year, but rarely go back to rework (or even reread, frankly), those pieces. Not because they’re garbage, but simply because I have other things going on in my life. That’s not a good excuse, it’s reality.

But a couple years ago, I went through a few drafts of a novel and even got to the point of querying it to agents. At the time, it felt like a solid story to me, even if I was querying into a glutted market as to my subgenre.

I re-read about 70% of it yesterday. The writing is fine – I have been technically competent for a long time, given a few drafts. The story is there; the premise and the plot all work. But the execution? It doesn’t. I can’t even properly put my finger on what about it that doesn’t. All I do know is that’s likely the reason I got the form rejects back in 2010.

As readers of this blog might remember, I start law school in a couple of months. Based on the stories told to me by others at my workplace (that I do believe), the amount of leisure time I’m going to have will be minimal.

One thing that should come as no surprise to any of my readers is the revelation that I am hyper-competitive, even if I’m only competing against myself. So, the question that I present to myself, and the challenge I offer is – can I come up with a reworked, competent draft between now and August 18? I’m not sure I can.

But I can certainly try.



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