Just a Random Story of Awesome

This has nothing to do with writing, but I am so in awe of the day that I have had that I feel it’s worth sharing. YMMV.

Most of you probably don’t know that I do not drive. Never learned how. Thus, I am pretty familiar with public transportation.

I could walk from my apartment to my last job. My next (current) job is walkable on a nice day or in a pinch, but it is vastly quicker for me to take the local public transportation – a bus.

Now, because I’m pretty familiar with public transportation, I know to keep an eye on my stuff and make sure I leave the bus with all the things that I got on it with.

This past Friday, I bought groceries at the store next to a bus stop (as I do probably once a week). I had to run to catch the bus, but caught it on time and headed home. Twenty minutes later, I realized I had forgotten to buy something and needed to run to the store across the street. I reached into my bag for my wallet and…


Cue a ten-minute freakout while I try to figure out where in my (small) apartment I might have deposited my wallet. Nothing.

Then I forced myself to sit down and be reasonable. I had last seen my wallet in the grocery store. Call up the grocery store. Nothing.

That’s when I realized that I most likely left my wallet behind on the bus.

Another thing that you should know about my wallet – because I am prone to lose things in the abyss of my desk drawer but had never before lost my wallet, I keep several fairly important documents in my wallet. Things that would be expensive, in time or money or both, to replace.

So, I cancel the card in my wallet, make a police report, and miserably dig in for Memorial Day weekend (fortunately, remember, my last act had been the buying of groceries, so all was not lost). I also called the public transport authority, but was informed they were closed until Tuesday for the holiday weekend.

Fast forward to Tuesday. I call the public transit authority again. They look in their lost and found. No dice, but they tell me to call back later that afternoon.

I call back as told, but I was pretty sure it was a perfunctory measure. Only to be told that my wallet had been turned in and I could pick it up.

Because (again) I don’t drive, I had to beg a ride to their offices, which I did this afternoon.

My wallet was missing the cash, but it didn’t have more than $10-$15 in it at the time. More importantly? All of those Important Documents? They were there. Against all odds, I managed to lose vitally important documents on public transportation and, less than a week later, had them back in hand.

I don’t know where I racked up the good karma, but I’m not complaining.


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