Hey gaiz

Wow. I really suck at this blogging thing.

Um. Hi.

So, uh, life stuff has happened. I switched jobs (away from the job from hell) to the job I love. Like a year ago.

And now I’m going to leave the job I love.

To go to law school. That’s right, gaiz. Imma be a lawyer one day.

Can I promise that I’m going to revive the blog? Pshh. You gaiz know me.

I am doing Camp Nano, though. I’m set for random cabinmates at the moment. If anyone wants to hang with me (my word goal is 300k), shoot me a buzz on the Nano forums.

That is all for my every-two-year-announcement.

(Okay, yeah, I am a little ashamed to realize it’s been quite that long).



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7 responses to “Hey gaiz

  1. Incandescent

    Good to hear from you again! Reading your updates is always one of my favorite forms of procrastination during NaNo seasons. It satisfies my desire to do anything except face the blank page, and then the sheer amount of vicarious motivation shames me right back to the keyboard.

  2. A bunch of us OAs are trying for an OA cabin. I’m preeeetty sure cosmam and tia and caillien are in. Maybe a few others too but I’m derping on that right now. And I have no effing clue what to do for camp. I’ll probably rebel instead of overachieve (all the works that need to be finished), but you never know!

  3. glad to hear from you, as ever. good luck with camp. [:

  4. So, so, so happy that you got accepted into law school!

    (So, if I ever get in trouble, I can come to you, riiight?)
    Do you start this fall? And where will you be situated? I’ve got a couple of trips planned to the US this year and I might stop buy to get you this long-ago-promised drink.

    • kateness

      Maybe I’ll offer a discount to proven Nano-vets-and-friends 😉

      Hit me up with an email if you want to talk logistics 🙂

  5. Rayza Criza Dan

    hey gaiz

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