Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hey gaiz

Wow. I really suck at this blogging thing.

Um. Hi.

So, uh, life stuff has happened. I switched jobs (away from the job from hell) to the job I love. Like a year ago.

And now I’m going to leave the job I love.

To go to law school. That’s right, gaiz. Imma be a lawyer one day.

Can I promise that I’m going to revive the blog? Pshh. You gaiz know me.

I am doing Camp Nano, though. I’m set for random cabinmates at the moment. If anyone wants to hang with me (my word goal is 300k), shoot me a buzz on the Nano forums.

That is all for my every-two-year-announcement.

(Okay, yeah, I am a little ashamed to realize it’s been quite that long).



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