Monthly Archives: September 2011

Oh Hai

So, matter of fact, it appears I have a blog and shit.

I hear one is supposed to occasionally update such.

Count this as that.

I am still working at the same job as whenever my last blog post was, and the nature of that job has not changed. But bitching about it here isn’t going to help you, me, or make my job suck any less.

I also note that NaNo is creeping dangerously close up to me.

How can I resist its siren song?

No promises about how regular the blog updates will be, but I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things as I prep for Nano this year. Except more (though, of course, this is probably going to be total bullshit) blog posts as September closes out and October rolls around. Don’t actually know what I have to say but I’ll think of something.

Peace, lurkers (those of you who haven’t lurkily lurched to another blog of your choosing).




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