Well, Finally

So, about five minutes ago, I crossed the finish line. (I’ve had 50k up on my NaNo profile for weeks now, but that was still when I hoped that I might get to work on two stories in the month).  I’ve not going to validate for now, because it’s far from finished and I’d like to continue working on it.

Aside from that, I’m going to leave my general thoughts/comments about this month until after it’s over. It’s probably going to be a pretty lengthy post (though as I’ve not planned it out, that could turn out to be a total lie), and I’d not waste my not-writing time on that instead of extending this as far as I can. If I have an exceptional next few days that are totally unlike the entire rest of the month, I might get as high as 75k. But I’m not banking on, or expecting, it.

For all those NaNoers out there in NaNoland who are racing tirelessly to the finish (and who have probably spent a considerably greater amount of time on it than I have this month), you have my total support. I know you can do it!


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One response to “Well, Finally

  1. How on earth?! that’s crazy!! I calculated, and for an hour of about 5,000 words, you’d be typing 83 words a minute – and I took this touch-typist quiz once, and I can type at a maximum of 126 words a minute, which is pretty darn good. Haha – that’s really amazing. Did you use November 1 to completely outline the whole thing, or were you writing by just jumping in there without any forethought?
    🙂 -Lu

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