Really hellacious day at work today, culminating in me being ready to physically injure someone. (I didn’t, by the way. I am possessed of self-restraint now and again).

So when I came home, I didn’t feel like doing anything more than just sitting back and relaxing. I watched a bit of television, calmed myself down, and then suddenly it was 7:30 and I’d not written a word since I came home from work.


So I’ve started, I’m making dinner right now in between bursts of 1000 words. Hopefully I can pass the 30k mark before I go to bed (despite the fact that I should be at 50k by the end of today). I’m definitely going to need these catchup weekends…


In any case, NaNoers, I hope your novels are going well. My hits counter has spiked tremendously since the beginning of the month, which is awesome. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment; the voices of my lurky readers deserve to be heard šŸ˜€



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2 responses to “Guh

  1. calla flower

    my lurky comment: don’t be so hard on your self about your WC. i know it’s super hard for me to just make the daily 1667 with a full time job. it only gets tougher the older you get i swear. i never did nano before i had a house and kids and stuff. i can’t imagine how wonderous it must be to have an evening to lounge and watch tv and THEN write. šŸ™‚
    but anyway. you are doing great. congrats on your new job! and yeah.. it IS hard not to hit co-workers sometimes. i feel your pain.

  2. Wow, this time last year you were doing Nano full time, and I still marvelled at how you were able to write 50k a day. I have to go with Calla Flower here and say: It’s wonderful if you manage to hit even the 2k mark.

    Good luck!

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