Change of Plan…



We all know that the story I’m currently writing is not working for me. Mostly, it’s because I did no planning on it. I can take a little bit of time each day to do some planning (when I’m busy procrastinating), so that when I come back to it later in the month, I will actually be able to write it.


In the meantime, I am going to divert to a totally different project that wasn’t at all even conceived before this morning. But that’s okay. This one I’m not worried about. This one is a piece of the memoirs of one of my favorite characters, who has existed for well over a decade, and who I know better than I know most people in real life. I also know his story very well – it just hasn’t been written down. I scarcely need an outline at all of this, just a list of chronological bullet points.

I plan for this project to be about 50,000 words, but as it’s not a solid outlined project, I can’t promise it won’t run longer.  As per NaNo rules, it will run at least 50,000 words.

I’m excited about this, gaiz. If I can get a solid chunk of it pushed out tonight, I might be back on track before the end of the week and ready to go back to the other project. (This one will also get me back in the habit of daily-writing-a-lot so the procrastination might be a bit less.)



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2 responses to “Change of Plan…

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck!

  2. nouveaux_jours

    For the record, I’ve always thought it was very cool of you to plan… uhm, anything. I don’t. Even when I do, I don’t, apparently. (I’ve been working casually on a piece since the summer, and I’ve just abandoned the very workable if vague outline and all the excerpts that I could have lazily rewritten in favor of what grew out of the background for an incidental character who just usurped my entire novel. I can write my entire knowledge of the yet-unwritten parts of this story in a single sentence.) But then, I write smaller volumes. I’m more of a short story person (read: inefficient bum).

    That said, I totally support the spontaneous writing of high-volume crack fiction.

    Best wishes from a long-time creepy lurker, nouveaux_jours on NaNo.

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