Day 1, Part 1. My life is fking awesomeitude

So, it’s 5:48pm here. Just got home from work, paid the rent (awesome, let me tell you. Seeing half my monthly pay float away in thirty seconds is fking awesome).

Total word count: 0.

I was feeling pretty lousy at midnight, and couldn’t psych myself up properly to write. Then I drifted in and out of doziness the whole night – I got literally maybe two or three hours of sleep. And unfortunately, then I had to go to work. Because I work at a law office, I can’t sneak out any time to write during the odd moments – I have to bill all of my time.

But now I’m back at home.  I still have six hours of day-one-ness left, and I figure I can probably get 10-11k done in that time before the lack of sleeping last night catches up with me. It’ll mean I get to start my month behind (also fking awesome), but that really can’t be helped at this stage.

Also, more awesome.

I don’t have an outline.

Not even a basic one.

Not even the beginning of one.

I have characters (who aren’t named yet). I have a world (which isn’t mapped yet). I have vague plot arcs (which aren’t defined yet).

We’re less than 18 hours into NaNo and I can already tell how full of win this month is going to be.

Anyway. I’m going to wrap this up so I can get started writing at the top of the hour. The first thousand words or so should show up in an excerpt somewhere by tomorrowish. Maybe another post later tonight, if I have anything to say.

NaNo on, lurky readers – your month can’t be going much worse than mine!


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One response to “Day 1, Part 1. My life is fking awesomeitude

  1. I just wanted to say that I love you. And offer my support in what is inevitably going to be a rough as hell NaNo for you, I mean… Just look at the first day!

    Just remember: everything around you right now is new to you and adjusting to that is something that would take other people at least a few days to get used to, without throwing in the additional stress of writing a fucking million words in thirty days.

    But as a writer, you’re insane. It’s like a part of the job requirement. And you’re trying anyway. I don’t discourage you from doing so, in any definition at all, because I know that I would be doing it even more for every person that tells me not to. I do, however, want to say that you’re being ridiculously hard on yourself, especially since it’s only the first day. And of all people that deserve to slam themselves about how little they’ve done… You are not one of them.

    Take a few deep breaths and smile. I have faith that you’ll still do amazing. Just please don’t kill yourself trying. I’d miss you too much if you did. ❤

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