Amended Goal


It’s just past midnight; it’s now officially the 27th.

I have planned (outlined) precisely 0 of my planned projects. (I did sorta plan to plan them tonight, but got held up at work until 10pm, and then didn’t really feel like doing any more work when I got home)

I have taken into consideration all the comments from my previous posts. You all pretty much have something of real merit to say – the million last year nearly killed me, and now I’m threatening to do the same after losing 40+ hours/week. Writing that *does* sound pretty insane, I’ll grant.

And I certainly don’t want to shirk my job and lose it. Not given that I’ve got a year-long lease to maintain.

So, we’ll compromise.

I’ll actually properly plan for 500,000, which I think is definitely possible, given my situation, especially with catch-up times for the weekend. I will also prepare 500k of alternate outlines. (Yeah, that’s going to pretty well pack this weekend.)

I will launch my month with a *goal* of a million.

However, if and when that proves impossible, I will gradually cut back. For those who are worried about my job/health/sanity, I want to preserve at least the first two of those three.

Nevertheless, I want to push myself to my limits this November, just as I attempt to every November. It just wouldn’t be NaNo without.


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One response to “Amended Goal

  1. Incandescent

    This is much more acceptable, provided your competitive nature allows you to drop back from a stated goal once you’ve made it.

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