So, I appear to have lost my mind

Well, I think the title says it best of all.

My competitive streak seems to have taken the best of me. I believe I mentioned it somewhere towards the end of last November, but I’m highly competitive in the few things which I know I excel. Writing and writing reasonable quality quickly is among those few.  And when I started the overachiever thread on the NaNo forums, it was inevitable, eventually, that someone would start bandying the million around again.

Do I know if I can do it this year?

Not sure in the least. I wore myself out last November trying to reach it, and I was unemployed and commitmentless last year. Now I have a full-time job, which may well require overtime that I can’t actually shirk just because I want to.

On the other hand, I live less than a five-minute-walk from work, and so that frees up almost the entire rest of the day for writing.

Why have I lost my mind so thoroughly this month?

No fking idea.

The major obstacle I see, thus far, except for the very obvious fact that I have forty hours fewer a week to write, is that I haven’t actually started any real planning for *any* of my NaNos. And the last time I checked, NaNo starts a week from tomorrow.

Seems like I’ve got my work cut out for me.




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11 responses to “So, I appear to have lost my mind

  1. After working as a paralegal for eight years, I can understand your time (and mental energy) limitations. Now, I’m an office manager at a warehouse, so my job’s a little less stressful (seriously!).

    I’m shooting for 100k this year (didn’t even write last year), but will be happy to make 50k.

    So, good luck to you!


  2. What with all the changes in your life right now, trying to push yourself to do the million again is, IMHO, a bad idea. Set a reasonable goal and try to make that. For instance, if you can get 100k out in a month, that may be better on your soul that trying to get 1 million.

    Next year you will have a better idea of what you can and cannot do within the confines of your new life.

  3. Would it make you more competitive if I said Don’t Do It?

    Because seriously, I think we all saw how stressed you were last year, and this year you have more drains on your time. It’s really not worth killing yourself over.

    You’ve done it before, you know you can do it, we know you can do it, take a relaxing NaNo this year.

  4. Jen

    Is intruiged if this is technically possible!

    If you do 50,000 on each weekend day, that will give you 400,000. That leaves a little over 27,000 for each other working day. Say you sleep 6 hours, work 8 hours and use another hour for commuting, eating, washing etc.. That gives you 9 hours a day, which is 3,000 words/hour.

    I think you’d be nuts 🙂

  5. I am fascinated by this subject. The post from Jen has some interesting math. If you did 3,000 words an hour, resting your hands for 10 minutes out of every hour, that means you’d need to average 60 words per minute. Is that doable?

  6. kirosl

    Oops – forgot Thanksgiving. Sorry, English person here!

  7. I think that your goal is doable, but not much more than that. Especially because you have a job now, it’s not reasonable to expect you to do as much as you were able to without a job, right?

    But if you want to go for a million, there’s nothing stopping you. 😀

    (Then again, I was planning to do 50k as opposed to the 200k I did last year, and now suddenly I have two novels to write… haha.)

    Good luck!

  8. Joe Union

    Quit the job and go for 1.5 million.

    upon reflection, maybe that isn’t the best suggestion.

  9. Incandescent

    We all know you can do it. More than that, we all know you did it FIRST.

    You’ve spent the past year (two?) looking for a job. You have a job. Don’t compromise that asset to reinvent the wheel.

    (That said, I would still make a total fangirl of myself if you decided to go for the million anyway.)

    • kateness

      To keep the record straight: no, I didn’t do it first. Hanxa, Caeraeriae (sp), and delayra did it before I did.

      Those are the ones I know of. There may be others. But I refuse to take the credit for first.

      • Incandescent

        I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve heard delayra’s name, but can’t recall the context; I’ve never even heard the other two.

        .. Well damn. That pokes holes in my argument, doesn’t it? XD

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