Pre Nano Prep

So, Nano is rapidly approaching and I am disastrously unprepared for it. Hopefully, that’ll be remedied when I move into my new apartment (signed a lease yesterday and am moving in next weekend), but I suspect the next couple of weekends will be attempts to actually move a liveable amount of stuff into the apartment so that I don’t, y’know, have to sit or sleep on the floor and have plates to eat off. (As soon as the place is habitably furnished, I’ll be posting pics up here.)

Anyway. Nano.

I mentioned on the forums that I’m going to be doing two long pieces (250k each), because that means I only have to plan/structure/outline two stories, rather than five or more. If by some miracle I pass the 500k mark and the month isn’t up yet, I’ll figure out what to do then. (And probably swear at myself in hindsight for not being better-prepared). It’s a shame, really, because I had a bunch of fairly neat projects that I could have worked on, but I had to pick the ones that would lend themselves to length, and were reasonably within my comfort zone.

I’ve only really started planning one of them, The Lines Men Draw, which is a dark, almost apocalyptic fantasy. The frame of the story is of the last battle at the last castle, which when lost will mean that the era of kingdoms and knights and an older way of living has come to an end. Outside these walls are only strangeness and evil, born of shunning the old ways.

What is actually happening is that republicanism is on the rise (no, lurkers, not republicans like America, republicanism like the form of government), after a handful of revolutions and civil wars, and monarchies have largely been replaced (for example, the sort of thing that happened during the French revolution, except with multiple countries more or less simultaneously).

The actual story contained within the frame will be the getting-to-that-point, and will be told from five POVs (another handy way to increase the word count without actually resorting to dirty tricks).

1. the eldest of the last king, who goes on a journey to an ancient spiritual place after the middle son has failed to return (this idea sparked by this). The oldest son insists that he can go in hunt of his brother, that the father is hale. He departs with an escort of 50 men. This POV follows his travels through strange new lands and witnesses his transformation from, essentially a country bumpkin, to a sophisticated young man who knows the truth of what is happening in the world, but is ignored when he returns home early on in the siege to try to convince his father to capitulate.(This POV is by far the most well-thought out so far)

2. Diplomat from the warring republic, who becomes a true believer in the chivalric ways of the old kingdom and betrays his cause to help them, but it is too little, too late. This POV gives an inside look into the true motives of the “bad guys”.

And then for the last three, all I know about them is who they’re going to be: a rural, coming-of-age boy who fights for the chivalric cause, the queen (to parallel the diplomat), and a scientist from the republic, who is also traveling to the ancient spiritual site (to parallel the older brother).

I also haven’t drawn maps or anything for any of this, let alone begun the outline. And Nano is only three weeks away.



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  1. Joe Union

    Instead of NaNo, you could plan your first big party at your new apartment.

    No, I guess that isn’t a good idea.

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