1 week in!

So today concluded my first week of real work. It’s been…an adventure.

First off, there’s the 6 hours a day I spend commuting, not to mention the exhaustion of being up for so long that I’m so ridiculously unused to. All this week, I’ve easily fallen asleep well before midnight (which is a good thing, I guess, given that I have to get up at 5:40am. To start work at 9. Bah.

Then there’s the office itself. I can’t get my own computer account because the sole IT guy is in the hospital, so I’m using the guy-whom-I’ve-replaced’s account until then. I haven’t signed a contract yet because of…uh, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s related. I’m reasonably sure that I’ll get paid, though (and I did get a colossal amount of paperwork to fill out first thing I walked in there on Monday). The boss likes me. I have (or will have) decent health insurance.  The people at the office are pretty cool, too, even though I think I’m the youngest by at least a decade. I’ve learned a lot, a lot of it basic administrative stuff, but some law stuff as well, which is cool. If I decide that I want to go to law school in a few years, knowing some actual stuff about the law might be advantageous. I probably won’t be telling stories about work here unless I can sufficiently anonymize them, but then, this blog is really more about writing than anything else. (I shall write a post about NaNo this weekend.)

Tomorrow, I’m going down to Wilmington with my mother to look at a couple of apartments. Moving this early is a rather hasty decision to make, but this commute is unpleasant, and I would much rather jump into an apartment than keep this up. Plus, of course, the whole NaNo thing.

So, I survived my first week. Who knew I could? Huh.



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2 responses to “1 week in!

  1. Joe Union

    New jobs are hard.
    Congratulations on surviving the first week.

  2. A lurker wishes belated congratulations :).

    6 hours commuting per day? Woah, I did 32h/week work with 3h/day commuting, and that was already exhausting. Good luck with finding an apartment!

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