Pre-Pre-NaNo Prep

So, over the past few months, I’ve been accumulating ideas like…uh…*insert witty metaphor*

Most of them have been written down in my trusty notebook. These ideas go in depth of completeness from one-sentence summaries to pages-long character and plot descriptions. However, this isn’t terribly useful for me when I’m debating what projects to do this November. (I’m also not set on a particular word count, as my mother has expressed displeasure with the idea of me going for a million again and knows where my blog is…hi mom!)

Anyway, so about a week ago, I decide to consolidate at least the general ideas into one document, so that I wouldn’t have to constantly count and recount the number of ideas I have. Right now, my NaNo ideas document looks like this (honestly, I just copy-pasted from it):

Nano Ideas:

1.      Nazi-esqu (in notebook and folder)

2.      Kyrgyzstan-esque (notebook)

3.      Female post-apoc (notebook)

4.      Human Bible (notebook)

5.      Paranormal Romance (folder)

6.      Renaissance rewrite

7.      Hero’s Journey (folder)

More ideas may follow, naturally, but I’m probably closing the door on mental submissions by the end of September, because October has to be focused on fleshing out those ideas into actual plots, with characters and outlines. Outlining is something that I seem to have been rather lax in doing over the year, so I’m rather looking forward to actually doing some half-decent outlining again. I’m tired of winging it and having things explode in several different directions at once.

Anyway, keep your eyes here for my NaNo prep, as these brave ideas are put through challenges that will test their robustness of plot and character, that will force them to confront what they really are, and in the end, only one can remain! (okay, that’s a blatant lie and we all know it. Probably at least five of them will go through, if not all of them).


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