On February 14thish, 2009, my IBM died. It was very sad. It was the middle of my last semester at college, and necessitated a quick replacement laptop – my new Dell. The IBM lasted about 17.5 months. Granted, its short lifespan was due entirely to my having spilled pepsi on it about six-eight months after I got it. It never properly recovered.

So, on February 15th, my new laptop was purchased. It has now made it about 17.5 months, and there’s almost nothing wrong with it. Okay, nothing physically wrong. I know there are bits and pieces wrong with…stuff and shit, like how it doesn’t like updates anymore (but it hasn’t liked them since last November, and my computer hasn’t yet blown up or being taken over by a mega-virus, so I’m not too bothered by that anymore). Worst comes to worst with this computer, I just wipe the hard drive and everything, and restart the lot. I’ve got all the backup CDs and stuff, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Right now, this laptop shows every sign of making it to its second birthday.

(Yeah, yeah. I’m hard on laptops. I know that. ‘Snot my fault that they hate me! But this is officially, really and truly the last laptop that my parents will buy for me. And it’s not *that* bad; I got my first laptop in the summer of 2004. So 3 laptops in six years. And it’s not all technology; just laptops. My iPod, Bob, has been around since 2005)

Also, I’ll be hearing back about another job this week. This one in D.C., which would necessitate a quick upheaval of my life and everything. But while I’d like to think that they liked me and so on, and I’ll say more about that if I actually get the job, I’ve pretty much given up hope that I’m at all employable.

Anyway, peace out, lurkers!



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2 responses to “Milestone!

  1. I can sympathize on the laptops. It took me getting 3 laptops before I found one that wasn’t a lemon. My first one, the iBook G3, was an okay computer until I burned out the graphics card. It lasted maybe a year. Then I picked up an Asus Z92T. Took it out of the box, installed Diablo II on it, and it crashed. Spent the entire year of my warranty trying to get the reseller to fix the problem, and it finally bricked itself.

    Now, I’ve been using Daisy, my Intel Dual-Core MacBook Pro, for going on 3 years, and she’s been the best commercial computer I’ve ever owned. She’s currently running OSX 10.6.3 and Windows 7 Ultimate, and I’ve never had a real problem with her.

  2. My first laptop was a Toshiba Black Friday special. If I didn’t have a warranty on it, it would have cost a pretty penny to fix. It had a problem common to Toshibas in that the mother board is attached to where you plugg the cord in and it’s poorly made. I beat the crap out of that one and it lasted maybe 3 years (and died during NaNo!) and I chucked it.

    I bought a heavy duty Gateway that could knock someone cold because of the weight. It’s been going strong *knocks on wood* without issue.

    Great thing? I had bought a new HD for the Toshiba (toshiba hardware is poorly made) and got an external sleeve for the old one. Everything was on it and I lost nothing. Now I have an external drive for backup.

    I’m never going cheap again… or settling for those compact keyboards.

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