Suburban Life

Firstly, dear lurkers, I’m fine…just lazy.  Blogging will get back up to speed eventually. But right now, for two reasons I’m incapable of making promises.

The first reason is that I had an interview at a pretty prestigious law firm. As a receptionist. I have no belief whatsoever that I’ll get it, or that I’ll even advance to the second round of interviews, but that sort of thing leaves me pretty beat.

The second reason is…well, I make no secret that my stomping grounds are the Philly burbs. As some of you might know, we’re in the middle of a killer fking heat wave. Most of the time, that’s cool. I just sit in my nice AC-ed house and laugh at the poor schmucks outside (okay, to be honest, I don’t look out the window much).

Unfortunately, our AC seems to have died. Naturally. On the hottest fking day of the summer. 100+ outside right now, and 83 degrees inside (and climbing…it was 81 about an hour ago). We’ve called the AC repair guy, but naturally everyone needs an AC guy, so he’s not sure if he can get here until tomorrow. And the temperature is only supposed to go down to the upper 80s tonight. It’s disgusting in here, and it’s hard to think.

But there are a few bottles of beer and some white wine in the fridge, and we’ll get through somehow.

Peace out, lurkers.



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3 responses to “Suburban Life

  1. Joe Union

    Yeah, miserably hot here too. There are only so many clothes I can take off.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. IR

    Brutal here, too, and my AC went out. My poor 2yo did his best to handle it, but just fell asleep in his chair. It’s fixed now, but damn it was bad.

  3. I feel for you. I’m not that far from Philly nd it’s been brutal. I never use the AC in my car in the morning and I did this entire week. I called my kid from work to let him know he could adjust the thermastat since it goes up to 85 during the day. Great when he’s in school, not so great when he’s not.

    I hope I don’t catch the broken AC disease. 😡

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