The back-cover copy:

Enter into a world where you are defined, restricted, and segregated by what your ID card says you are. But it’s a system on the verge of collapse and Cameron Alman is losing control as his pseudo-democractic Congress tries to gain more control for itself. As Cameron is already something of a folk hero, the leader of the Congress makes plans to kidnap him and make him confess all the atrocities committed during the revolution so no one will have any respect for him, and then Connor Haney can take over. but when the plan is actually carried out, things go from bad to worse as everyone tries to get a piece of pie, from the Alman Loyalists to the Church. Meanwhile, the mysterious prison camp on the border of the city contains a terrible secret, one that might bring down the whole country, if onyl someone can get in and out again without getting killed.

So, I know it’s not the same thing as having a book published and stocked on shelves everywhere. But I’ve had a stupid kind of day filled with idiots, and getting this in the mail today boosted my spirits considerably. I’m not going to put it up for sale on createspace as it’s not something that I’m proud enough of to want to splash my name all over. And yeah, I’m aware that my last name is up there; it’s also on that contest link over yonder to the right. Hell if I care. Have fun stalking me. (*grin*)

Next interview tomorrow; book review will also go up tomorrow.



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7 responses to “Createspace!

  1. You think stalking you is easy? Try being Google unique. At least there are only 26 viewable results for my first+last name, and some of them are terribly out of date (see the church newsletters that mention me–did I mention I don’t believe their doctrine anymore?). Most of them are from college and research, though, so that’s not a big deal.

  2. Hey, you used the same cover I did! Yours is about three times thicker though. XD

  3. Joe Union

    Congratulations, Kateness. If you do put it up for sale, I certainly will buy.

  4. Landon

    I wonder how much it costs to do something like that…Very cool.

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  6. Heh. At least you finished yours enough to do that. I’m still chasing butterflies.

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