End of May

So, at the beginning of May, I posted some goals:

Edit the first part of Burning Eden. I’ve already got a notebook-page full of good ideas about what it should look like in the next go-around. I think quite a bit will have to be rewritten, but I think the changes will make it a considerably stronger opener. Also, I plan to cut it in length by at least a few thousand words, maybe by as much as half.

I’ve made a start on it, and I’m about halfway through so far.

Write the first draft of the Challenge/Secret Santa story I’ve been given over on Absolute Write. It’s not due until the end of June, but if I can get a couple of drafts in of it, it’ll actually be presentable and stuff by that time.

This is done, though it’s a mess and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to wrestle it into reasonable shape anytime soon. Of course, I will, because it’s a challenge, but it might not be pretty at the end.

Blog. Three times a week. Every week. That means eleven more entries this month. I’ve already got some ideas for them, so it’ll just be a case of making myself sit down and actually write them. That’s always been the real problem, I think, rather than lack of ideas: when there’s little for me that I *have* to do, I tend to go a little on the lazy side.

This went pretty well, aside from the me-getting-sick thing. In all, I only missed two entries. Not bad.

Think about getting one of those job things. I am very nearly a year out of university and it’s incredibly depressing to still be unemployed (and unemployable, apparently).

Well, go in for an interview tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.


In terms of how much I wrote, this was not a good month for me. Of the 31 days, I wrote no words on 13 of them. Only on five days did I wrote 4,000 or more words. My total wordcount for this month was: 67,946. That sounds fairly high, but to stay on track for milwordy (not to catch up on the words I’ve missed, just to stay on track), I need to write 84,000. As you can guess from that, I’ve fallen behind. At the beginning of the month I was 104,604 words behind. As of right now, I’m 113,688 words behind.  I just hope next month will be better.

No post tomorrow, as I’ll be in New York most of the day, and too exhausted when I get home. But June goals on Thursday, and Avatar commentary on Friday.  (4 blog posts for the price of 3!)

Ciao, lurky readers.


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