Deepest Apologies

I know there haven’t been any posts this week.

I got the Cold of Doom from my brother and am only just properly recovered from it. I don’t have the mental fortitude to write a post right now; I’ve not written anything at all since the 21st.

Next week there will be posts. A book review, May writing results,  my unwanted commentary on Avatar, and June goals. All that and I have a job interview on Wednesday, which means I get to take the train up to New York for the day. (Fingers crossed for me, everyone – if I get the job, I won’t have a choice but to move out of the house!)



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4 responses to “Deepest Apologies

  1. Joe Union

    Fingers crossed here.

    Good luck, Kateness.

  2. Meike

    Hope you get the job!

  3. OldFashionedGirl

    Good luck!

  4. Good luck on getting the job!

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