End Of April Progress Report

I figured this was best posted after April had already ended, which is why I’m writing it, you know, After April.

Also, sorry about the spotty posting this week. It’s related to the A Supposedly Fun Thing page hanging off there to the side. A couple of people from AW made me see it might be a fun idea to write an outtake scene from Burning Eden, and it’s up there; the third installment of it will come on Monday or Tuesday (though I do still plan to post a book review on the Monday). (Warning: that outtake scene is graphic and might be offensive to some. Just fyi).

Anyway. End of April. I did stuff and things.

First, I started blogging more. It’s been fun. I don’t know how well these book reviews are turning out, but it’s interesting to write them and give space for that critical voice in my head to let loose. Presumably I’ll get better at it as we go; we can only improve with practice. Or something.

Second, according to my nifty spreadsheet, I wrote 71,002 words of Burning Eden this month. Also a good thing, though it would be better if I’d actually finished it. Soon, one hopes. I also have begun thinking about query letters for it, and have successfully written several very bad ones. One can only hope that, as with the book reviews, things will get better if I just keep bashing my head against the wall and trying harder and harder. Or something.

Thirdly, I wrote 22,768 words of Other Stuff. I’m actually glad that this number is lower than the Burning Eden number, because none of those twenty-some thousand are actually towards anything reasonably publishable. But they’re still words and they still keep me getting closer and closer to the Million Goal detailed in the post below. So, in total, I wrote 93,770 words this month. (Also, I do not count blog-words in my word-count. The only things that get counted are actual fiction words. When I move onto revisions, I will figure out some method by which I count new words and don’t count old ones, or I’ll not count them altogether. I’m a stickler like that).

This brings me to a yearly total of 241,166. I am now behind by 94,834 words. At the beginning of the month, I was down by 104,000…so that’s not so great. I need to make up more words, more quickly. I was hindered by the fact that on 8 days this month I wrote 0 words and only on ten days did I write more than the daily minimum of 2800.

In other news, I am still jobless. I am still living with my parents. I am still out of shape.

(Next week: May’s Goals!)


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