Happy birthday!

So, my computer turns 1 today. Yesterday, I went through the grueling process to update my antivirus software (I only had a 1-yr license). For 99.99% (I’m sure), the reinstall goes without a hitch. I’m always the 0.01%. About a million and a half restarts later, we finally found the problem – parts of the old software hadn’t been deleted and so were fking with the install process. After they were removed, it all went off fine, and I’ve got my shiny new software.

All this proves to me is one thing: my computer is alive and knows how to push my buttons. And so I will begin its second year of life by anthropomorphizing it. My mom reckons that three years is a decent life for a laptop. That means that, comparatively, by the time my computer is a year old, it’s a teenager. Great.

I’ve already been through the terrible twos – when my computer decided that it wanted to uninstall MS Office for no reason other than it wanted to (seriously, I swear).

And I’ve been through the wilfull stubbornness of a little kid when it decided that it wanted to stop installing Microsoft updates.

What do its grumpy teenage years have to throw at me? God only knows.


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  1. Bri

    Well, my computer is almost two years old at this point, and I can assure you that the teenage years should be much better than the earlier years. I hope so, anyhow. You had better make sure your 1,000,000 from Nov. is backed up!

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