Too many projects?

Well, first, I changed the theme. I don’t know if I like it or not yet, but late at night that black and white made my eyes go all blurry-feeling, so I thought I’d give this a go and see if I like it. If not, I’ll just switch it back. You can also subscribe to the blog, dear lurkers! Just scroll down there and look to your right and you’ll see a nifty little button! (unless you’re getting updates on new posts some other way, which I know several of you are).

My story for the contest I talked about previously is coming along nicely. The current version comes in at 978 words, but I’m not going to be submitting it for at least another few days and go over it another few times with a fine-toothed comb. I don’t know what the competition will be like, but I’m a competitive person by nature. I don’t want to send anything that isn’t the best work I’m capable of producing.

I’m also debating how many projects I can work on at once and not sacrifice quality in all of them. For one, I’m still actually looking for a job and I do have to devote time to that every day (I’m in the process of filling out an application for Target right now and knowing my luck, won’t get hired for that, either. *sigh*). Then there’s this story, which is provisionally called “The End of History”, which is in its final edits.  I’m struggling through worldbuilding for the squids and humanoids for This is How it Ends.  I’m starting a rewrite of an old NaNo, Burning Eden. They’re all at different stages of being-ness, and it keeps me busy to work on multiple things, and my brain is keeping up with it so far. We’ll have to see how long it lasts. How many projects do you attempt to work on at once, lurky readers?

Also, more snow is expected tomorrow, anywhere from six inches to a foot (which means, realistically, anything from a dusting to ten feet given the quality of the local meteorologists). And last time I had to shovel, my left arm was out of commission for days. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.


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  1. KissTheRock

    Lurky reader here. I like to have a lot of projects going at once. Right now, my plate holds a historical novel, two short stories, a long post for my poor, neglected blog, and a feature article about deep-sea marine life surveys. I’m a nature / science writer by profession; at any given time, I typically have half a dozen or more articles in progress. And I like it that way. But I wrapped up a huge project last week and am taking a breather.

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