On Arrogance

I’ve been meaning to blog here but I’ve been lazy lately.

Anyway, when I wrote that post down there about books on writing, I didn’t realize as I was writing it that it reeks pretty bad of arrogance. The comments that I got reflect that, too, and it’s not the spirit in which it was meant.  I thought about taking it down, but the comments about why it’s a good idea would be deleted too, and so it’ll stay.

I didn’t mean it to look as though I think I’m good enough to not have to bother. I didn’t mean it to think that there’s nothing worthwhile to be found in those books. And to be honest, I didn’t really think about some of the very good reasons that others mentioned. You tell yourself something often enough, you’ll get tunnel vision, and that’s where I was when I wrote it.

And to properly expose my flaws as a writer and a human being, I tried for fifteen minutes to come up with a sentence that didn’t look arrogant, and couldn’t. Take that for what you like.

As for me, I’m going to extricate the foot from my mouth and see if I can’t keep it out for at least a day or two.


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