Kate’s story musings

I’ll often get wisps of ideas from other forms of media, as described here.  It’s happened twice in the past week, and I think they’re interesting enough that I’ll share both of them with you, dear lurkers. (Yes, this is a pretty self-indulgent post, but I can’t think of anything clever to write today and I figure I need to at least pretend to attempt to honor my new year’s resolutions).

So, the first one came about while I was watching a history channel show. Yeah, I watch a lot of history channel. In particular, this one was part of the series Ancients Behaving Badly. I don’t think that they were even talking about anything relevant to my train of thought, but I started wondering about what everything we have now would look like in 2000 years (as in how Roman things look to us now). And because I’m not nearly scienc-y enough to try to project what technology looks like in 2000 years, I thought about setting the story in 2035. But not our 2035. You see, at some point in the next 50 years (I’ve not thought about this is fine enough detail to actually decide), the entire system gets thrown over (nuclear war seems like my easiest deus ex machina here), and the calendar restarts. So their year 2035 is our year 4000-something. And there would be a lot of different things if a civilization had to restart from almost scratch. We’ve already mined out a lot of the easily mineable minerals. They would have to deal with the remnants of cities/civilizations. I don’t know if it will ever come to anything, but it’s at least a neat idea that I’m letting the back of my mind play around with.

The second is considerably more morbid, and I don’t actually think that it had to do with much external media at all. I was thinking about reincarnation – something I ponder fairly frequently though I know little about it. And I was wondering about all of the people who remember past lives, and what it would mean if you could actually recall all of your past lives. So what if you had a person who was tired of their life, and decided to kill themselves to get something better? They get a new life, eventually they remember the last one(s), and keep searching and searching for the ‘best’ life?  Again, this one isn’t solidified into anything writeable, but it’s another set of concepts that keep floating around.

As it stands, neither of them is ready to be written yet. They’ll get consigned to my ‘potential’ folder while I let them stew in my head, and if/when more concrete things about them occur to me, they’ll get added to the file.  Maybe they’ll be among this coming year’s Nanos. Dunno yet.



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2 responses to “Kate’s story musings

  1. jordanio10

    I think you should really do one about someone looking for their best life, but make them bump into important people in turning points in history, that would rock!

  2. Joe Union

    Do you do extensive outlining for your novels?

    I have tried the Snowflake Method but I get impatient to start writing the thing and just start.

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