New Year’s Eve Tradition

This is worthy of a post of its own; a single tradition that dominates the day (I’m writing this while waiting for the pizza we ordered for lunch, because otherwise I wouldn’t have time).

As mentioned below, we get (at least) one game every Christmas. This year, we all got two, and conspired together to get my mother three. So that’s nine games this Christmas. Add about five for every one of the fourteen other years we’ve lived in this country. Now add all the games that my mother imported when my grandma died (give or take 15-20). Actually, I’ll go check the List. There are 112 games there, but I’m convinced there are more down in the basement.

Anyway, the List is sacred. It gets printed out either today (New Years Eve) or yesterday. But then, this morning, we have to decide what game to play. So each of us get a copy of the List and we mark down a certain number of games. This year, we got to do 10 games, excluding the ones that we got this year for Christmas. Afterward, we tally up the votes and my sister determines the total count. As there are four of us (excluding my father, who never plays games with us, as we are apparently “too stupid”), we decided this year to include all of the games that got more than one vote, plus the games we got this year. This rounded out to an even twenty.

So, armed with the twenty games we are supposed to play (we never play more than three or four, if I’m being completely honest with you, dear lurker) we now must go into a further round of deliberation. We rank the games, from one to twenty, and then I get to add up the totals and order the games from highest to lowest. This whole process takes 30-40 minutes, and would take longer if my mother didn’t have the List saved on the desktop downstairs.

This is a longstanding tradition in our house. We’ve done it at least the past five years, and probably longer. My sister and I love making lists. When we were younger and had a VCR, and needed something to watch, we would pull out all of the videos and make a list in a similar way as described above. The two of us can make a listgame about nearly everything, and we get about as much enjoyment from the list process as we do the actual carrying out what the list says. It’s sacred, and I can’t imagine a New Years without. If I ever get around to having children, I’m sure that I’ll torment them in the same manner.

In any case, I hope that all of you, dear lurky readers, have a fabulous New Years Eve. I’ll be back tomorrow with my futile New Year’s resolutions.

Have fun, and be safe!



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2 responses to “New Year’s Eve Tradition

  1. jordanio10

    Congratulations Kate may the writing gods bless you in 2010, and let me tell you that any wordcount under 200k in next year’s NaNo WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! YOU HAVE FANS!!! PLEASE THEM!!!!

    Lol happy New Year’s Kate

  2. Joe Union

    That sounds like so much fun.

    I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve.

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