My Reading List

So the bottom two books (Under the Dome and Best Served Cold) I got for Christmas, so I can be excused, just about, for not having read them yet. But for the other two books, I have no excuse. I specially ordered the Steven Erikson book in September from the UK, because it came out there first and I wanted to read it. Five months later, and I’ve only got a couple hundred pages in (it’s 889 pages total). The Kindly Ones, the second book down, I have even less excuse for – that’s an ARC (advance readers copy) that I paid I don’t know how much for so that I could get a copy before it actually released in March.  Unfortunately, I have an unhappy memory to go with it: the day that I got it was the day that my last computer fucked itself up, in early February of this year.  That’s not really an excuse to not read (I had chicken drumsticks that day, too, and I’ve had them since!), and so its been sitting around for the better part of ten months without having been read. I obviously need to kick my ass into gear.

My Christmas haul was pretty good – thanks to my brother being younger than me (14), we’re still able to convince my mother that me (22) and my sister (19) still deserve to be treated Christmas-wise like we’re about 5, and so we still get stockings full of wrapped presents that always include a puzzle book (once used to keep us from attacking the presents under the tree at 5 in the morning and now a tradition that we cannot break: you have to start at the beginning and finish every puzzle even if you hate them and can’t do them!) and an orange. We still get sacks of presents as well as those under the tree (which are mostly those from the three kids to the family, plus those from the relatives), and I told my mother about a week ago that I want sack and stocking until I have a husband/serious bf/family. She helpfully pointed out that I can’t get any of those staying in the house 24/7 (thanks, mom!).

In any case, I got the third season of Dexter (yes, I know the fourth season just ended, but I don’t have the happy joy of having a subscription to HBO and am too paranoid about my computer and viruses – see a couple posts down – to get it illegally online) and the second season of The Tudors. I got a couple of board games (another tradition. When my mom was a kid, her uncle used to give her and her brother a game every Christmas) and my mom always buys really interesting games that you probably couldn’t buy at your average game store – I got a game about exploring the world (Endeavor) and one about ancient Egypt (RA), but we played yesterday one my sister got (Stone Age).  We’ve another tradition: we’ve got to play all the games we got for Christmas – this usually ranges from about 4-10 – before New Years Eve, because we’ve got another tradition for that day, which I’ll talk about in my next post (to keep you reading and coming back!!! – speaking of, I’ve been getting about 50-70 hits a day since November ended, which is awesome). We’ve still got 6 games to play before Thursday, and my sister is going with my dad to the Eagles (go Eagles!) game this afternoon. It’s probably going to be tight, getting them all in before New Years.

Also, it rained late Christmas and washed away all that beautiful snow. But we had wonderful beef for Christmas lunch and these incredible salmon appetizers (homemade!), so it was all good.

Here’s to all of you, my lurky readers, having had a wonderful holiday!



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5 responses to “My Reading List

  1. I also got UNDER THE DOME for Christmas, and also haven’t started it yet. The rest look pretty intriguing.

    Glad you had a good holiday, also; it’s so cool how you have all those traditions!

  2. Glad you had a good holiday =]

  3. Cally

    I got Best Served Cold for Christmas too. Joe Ambercrombie’s a good writer.

  4. Joe Union

    It is great to have Christmas traditions. I envy you for that.

    I think you mentioned that you were going to start your next novel using pen and paper. Have you started it?

    I typed this year’s Nano novel and wonder if I used pen and paper instead, but the same outline, if it would be I completely different novel. I hope I am making sense with that.

    Yours in Lurky-ness

  5. Lora

    Excellent Christmas haul (yeah, I’m still lurking even after NaNo is over). I also got Under the Dome and am about 150 pages in. It’s excellent so far and keeps getting better. Hope the reading goes well, as well as all the games. Sounds like Christmas at my parents’ house! 🙂

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