General Update

Well, my laptop is officially ten months old and the only things fked up with it are software. No soda-spilling, no hinge-breaking. That can only be considered a good thing, I think. I love you, baby Dell. Please don’t quit on me yet!

Second, I’ve done all my holiday shopping. Took me a miserable day in Philly, but everyone has ended up with something that they more or less might like.

Third, my sister has come home, with all the drama that that entails. (*sigh*)

And finally, I might almost sort of have a chance at almost having a job! My dad talked to someone in his office who has a daughter who’s employed who could pass around my resume and it looks like it might be having positive results. I can’t imagine being employed after so long bumming around the house, but it could really sort of almost happen! (I refuse to get my hopes up too high though)



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5 responses to “General Update

  1. hope you hear some good news from the possible job!

  2. Good luck on the possible job! I’m still not getting my hopes too high up either.

  3. Joe Union

    Good luck with the job. Just make it clear to them that you get every November off.

  4. Kits

    Like everyone else, I wish you luck with the job!

  5. Michelle

    Good luck hope it works out for you, my only advice is stay away from fast food – trust me – but if you want lots of shifts and money it is good for that. Best wishes and Merry Christmas! =]

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