so, yeah…

I’m reasonably sure that someone  donated $10 in my name to the NaNo site. I have acquired a halo and my name’s on the donation page.

‘scool. I’m grateful for it. But I’d love to know who did it, so I can thank you properly. So if you’re reading this and you’re the one, drop me a pm or post in the comments here or something. (Also so I don’t think that I’ve misplaced my mind and done it myself, which I know I haven’t.)

Edited mid-morning Thursday: the person who donated has contacted me, and I’ll thank them here as well as privately. Thank you. It is people like you who keep NaNo up when people like me don’t have two dimes to rub together. It’s people like you that make me reaffirm the fact that some day, when I have a steady job and money, I’m going to donate  big to Nano. Not ten bucks, not fifty. I say here, in plain english, and anyone who sees this can hold me to it, but when I am older and employed and can afford both food and rent/bills in my place, and have a nice little cushion for when I go back to being staggeringly unemployed – I will donate more than a thousand dollars to NaNo. I’m thinking that that will probably be around the 20th anniversary, which seems fitting.



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4 responses to “so, yeah…

  1. Joe Union

    I wish I could donate to Nano, but it was impossible for us this year.

    They are definitaly a good organization.

  2. Bri

    Same here. I’d love to donate tons of money to NaNo, but just don’t have the means. The first book I get published, the first royalty check goes to NaNo.

  3. I completely understand. I did so last year but the money I planned this year I gave to my sister. ( her husband may be losing his job) so knew she needed it more.

    Since I have no doubt you will be published one day.
    Also that you will get employed too. Who could resist hiring you =)

    either way I see them getting the money and many of us getting to say wow I knew her when.

  4. ^_^

    I have plans to do the same. It’s such an amazing thing, NaNo is. I just have to stop being a broke 16 year old first. 😛


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