the last midnight

so we shall end as we began.

It is now just past midnight. I have just shy of 24 hours to write about 52,000 words. My Excel spreadsheet says that that’s about 2166 words an hour.  I usually write more than that in any given hour, so this seems on the surface perfectly doable. I have already decided not to go to bed, which is something. Also, at the beginning of the month, my hands weren’t as used to typing *quite* this much and so rebelled, but my hands are good now. This is totally doable

And in the event that I am truly close (but no cake), I do have 3000 words I cut out of the story on the first day I started writing it. It was written in November, so technically counts, but I would prefer not to count it if I don’t have to. It would feel like cheating to me.

In any case, the story is going along swimmingly, everything is starting to be resolved in more or less coherent ways.

I’ll probably update several times during the day (read: whenever I get bored and think of something to say here instead of the word document), and we’ll see if I can’t drag myself over that finish line.

On another note, if I think that it’s very likely I’ll get there by 11pm and I haven’t already got there, I will probably verify before I hit the million so that there’s no heartbreak at 11:59 when the thing takes too long.



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4 responses to “the last midnight

  1. Have been following you, haven’t commented before. This is awesome and awe inspiring 🙂 Good luck.

  2. Go, Kateness! Just about 50k isn’t that hard!

  3. Inspired

    Just wondering if you checked your nanowrimo email, I had sent you some mail. Great job!

  4. Wow! You are going to make it — I’m cheering for you!

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