day 29 photo montage!

Yeah. I should be writing. 75k to go. Still, I’m taking a break 😀


The first set of soda cans


The second set.


Where shit gets done. And yeah, it’s green. I periodically change the colors so that my eyes don’t get too badly strained. Also, yes that is a clunky old IPod up there on the shelf. His name is Bob.


Tools of the trade 1: wrist braces. The other is just behind it on the desk


Tools of the trade 2: Hat because my room is the coldest room in the house. Seriously. walk in the door, and the temperature drops about 10 degrees. Also wearing woolly socks, but I’m not taking a picture of those.


An example of the clusterfk my room has become over the past 30 days


And the ever-looming yellow piece of paper!

Okay. Back to writing now 😀



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2 responses to “day 29 photo montage!

  1. Good luck with the final push. I logged my 50K win the day before yesterday, but am watching you with awe and wonder. You go!

  2. Milk_man

    You wear wrist-braces?

    Lol, that is too funny. Not because its silly, but because it makes perfect sense. Your word counts are ridiculous, but in a good way. 😀

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