Buckled down, charging ahead

4:03pm 11/27: 850,000 words.

My super-desperate goal is to make sure that I have better than 900,000 words before noon on the 29th…I don’t want the 100k in 36 hours again.

But I think I’d rather have a bit more breathing room than that.

I’ve been fking around a lot lately. I’ve been sitting on the computer telling myself “one more game of FreeCell and then you write” and an hour later, I’m still playing FreeCell. Then I switched to Hearts. Same problem. I’m a procrastinator by nature, but the time for that has come and gone. I’ve got 150,000 words to write in the next 80 hours. I think I can do it, but I’m going to have to

a) stop fking around and

b) write and

c) stop taking ’10 minute naps that turn into 6 hour sleeps’. Yeah, I recognize I need to sleep. Everyone does, and if I go completely without sleep between here and midnight on the 30th, the last few thousand words just aren’t going to be recognizable as English. But I need to start setting myself goals and actually meeting them before letting myself take these naps that I know will be longer than 10 minutes

Now is the time for dedication. Now is the time for me to look at this piece of paper on my desk and start crossing off some more of those 15k intervals.



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3 responses to “Buckled down, charging ahead

  1. 15k intervals? Cool!
    Don’t worry! You’ve just got, like, 130k left.

  2. LP

    heh… I got within easy striking distance of my sad little newbie 50k a week ago, and I’ve been procrastinating ever since too — reading popular YA fiction (to try to figure out what this genre I find myself writing is “supposed” to be like) and, lately, putting more and more bells & whistles on my Excel spreadsheet that does nanowrimo-style graphs. I spent an hour today, when I could have been finishing up, typing in 100 writing-related quotes (mainly motivational or humorous) from different famous authors and setting the spreadsheet up to randomly display a new one each time it redraws.

    So, yeah – “leave the gun, take the canoli” (best line in the Godfather movies) – or, in this case, “close the freecell, type the fast draft!”

  3. A million words? Wow! Impressive. (And me with my newbie 50k. šŸ˜‰
    I read your novel excerpt on the NaNoWriMo website. I’d definitely be interested in reading more once you finish with the editing! What are your plans for it?

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