Push to the finish…

…of the trilogy.

It’s 6:20pm here, I’ve been fed and plan to not leave the bedroom save for bathroom and possible snack-runs.  I’ve got 665,034 words.

By midnight, the goal is 680-685.

By sleep, the goal is 700k.

Everything is winding down, characters are dying or surviving, and all of the final connective strands are slowly falling into place.

35k, then sleep.



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6 responses to “Push to the finish…

  1. jordanio10

    It seems as the end of something huge, so sad and ash covered I portrait it, with the last man realizing that everything must end and just falling to his knees on an ash covered landscape, with tears running down his cheeks, just dropping to the ground and slowly dying, marking the end of humanity

    But for everything that ends, something must start, and that is Just A Glimpse, if it is not too much to ask, could I get the file containing the trilogy and Just A Glimpse

    Big Fan

    Good luck, send my regards to the million wordcount god, he awaits you

  2. a little boy

    My dream is to one day be like you and be able to do this. I’m a scrub struggling to make 50K right now, but maybe one year, far off in the future, after I’ve moved out on my own, I could somehow, someway completely take one November off from life, and I just spend the whole time… writing. I wouldn’t do it every year. No, I would do it just one time. I don’t know what number my goal would be, but it would be as much as I could physically do. Maybe a million. Maybe less. And I wouldn’t separate it into 5-8 separate novels like you. I would just write one, long epic. It would be impossible, but once I finished, it would be the greatest achievement of my entire life.

    …I can dream.

  3. Well, good luck! I can’t wait to see the number under your bar go to 999,999 (wish they could put the million word counts up, though) and congratulate you. 😀
    You’re doing really awesomely. You’re my Nano role-model. 🙂

  4. Gemma

    Well done Kateness! 🙂 Keep typing! How many words can you type per hour at your typical pace? I feel like a slacker. ^_^

  5. Kits

    That is AMAZING. Every single day I check back to this blog to read your latest entires, just to encourage myself to keep moving, keep writing. I am in awe at your skill.

    You really can do this. You really can set yourself this near-impossible goal, and reach it. Amazing.

    We’re all rooting for you.

  6. TheKingOfCarmel

    After reading your excerpt, I must say: if all of your work is of that kind of quality (at that kind of speed)…mind = blown.

    There’s a special spot waiting on my bookshelf for when you get published.

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