Goddamn Squids

Tonight I tackle the first squid chapter in Book 3. It’s supposed to be in the middle of a really fraught situation. I’ve got three groups of them: the Commune, the Cooperative Mind, and the Renegades, and none of the three like each other, they’re all fighting each other. Sunshine Strength has been kidnapped and forced to join the Renegades and at the end of Book 2 had to poison the leadership of the Cooperative Mind. The Commune has been almost completely destroyed by the Cooperative Mind and the last remnants of it are being hunted down viciously; only the leader of the Commune, Brightness Sparks can possibly think of a way to save them. The Renegades have introduced a poison that’s going to kill all of the squids excepting themselves because they have the antidote. And off in the far reaches of the ocean, a little remembered group of squids are about to reveal something they’ve been carefully keeping hidden for at least a couple thousand years, passing it down from generation to generation.

See! I write that out. It sounds like that shouldn’t be so hard to write. Stuff is happening. Squids are dying. Squids fight battles. Squids go on mini-quests.  All Good Stuff.

I just can’t stand any of the squids. I hate writing about them. They are getting such a major overhaul in the editing process. Lots more research on squids in general (I just sort of made shit up as I went along, figuring that the humans just call them squids because that’s the closest thing they resemble on earth, but because they evolved on a different planet, they can do whatever the hell I want them to), a lot more culture building for them, and more character developing before their bits get rewritten.  But they’ve got to be written. I’ve now got four chapters worth of them that haven’t been written.

620 before bed? (currently at 610 at time of post, 1:53am)


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One response to “Goddamn Squids

  1. I see you’ve made it to 645!

    Just some random chick, stopping by to stand back in awe. Every time someone tells me I’m doing great (it’s my first NaNo and I’m at about 45K) I think to myself, “Man, I guess they haven’t heard of Kateness, or they’d stop thinking I’m so special!” 😛

    Keep it up, you’re really inspiring, and one day I better be able to read this epic tale!

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