A small respite?

Well, the good news is that I’m sitting pretty at on-revised-schedule. I’m also the closest to being on the regular schedule as I’ve been in a couple of weeks – I’m only 18k off that one, and as long as I keep on track on my schedule (even get ahead?!) I’ll keep chipping away at that number.  I’m feeling pretty good this evening/night because of it. I’ve been, as mentioned below, working my ass off to get to on-schedule and I’d like to keep it that way, or start advancing ahead of schedule (I’ve written over 35k the past three days each). This is all well and good.

But I’m hitting sticky problems in the third damn story. First, I can’t bring myself to write the squid chapters. Fortunately, they’re disconnected enough that I can just skip them, but I can’t do that forever.  I think I might try to tackle them tonight, at a nice slow pace to see if I can find some sort of groove with them. I did that with another tricky set last night, and it…well, sort of worked.  I had to use a string of pretty extended coincidences to put two characters in the same place at the same time who had never met each other before. I’m not proud of that, and I’ve already started to think of ways (and making note of these) in which it can be a bit less contrived (it’s always going to look contrived, but I can make it a bit less blatant). On another plotline, I don’t appear to have enough words to do what I need to do, and so the section is hurriedly ended, which I’m not very fond of, either. But there’s been some interesting character development, and that’s what these things are for. However, one of my other new plotlines is at least working out towards the amusing end, and this thing could use a little levity here and there. I do have to admit that I really look forward to re-reading this stuff: I write so much a day that I’ve half-forgotten most of it already (that’s not to say its crap, or unsalvageable, my brain just keeps refilling up)

I have a process. I outline, which is what tells me what I foresee the story being. Then I write the first draft, where I work out the kinks in the outline and properly get to know the characters and fully understand how everyone gets from the beginning to the end. In some areas, this has already deviated quite strongly from the outline, which is fine. After letting it sit for a couple of months, I’ll read the draft and the outline, and decide which bits of both would work best. Then I write the second draft, which aims to bring some sort of closure to things – work out the plot holes and stupid contrivances where possible. And at a bit better than a third of the way through Book 3, (Resolve the Debts) I’ve pretty well decided that this is going to follow through to second draft material. More research will have to be done. Probably lots more research. But I like the characters and the storyline and the concept too much to ditch it. It’s a lot more involved than anything I’ve ever written before, but when I get it right, it’s going to be great. Definitely NOT first-published-novel material, but I can live with that.

And I’ve also apparently pushed through some sort of barrier: I’ve gone so long with minimal sleep that it’s now half past 12 in the morning and I’m really not tired at all. I won’t start getting tired until 4 or so, then I’ll sleep for a few hours and start this all over again. I’m trying to decide how much I want to try to write before sleep. 590 seems reasonable, but then I want to push myself to 595. And then I say to myself, “hell, kate if you’re going to go to 595, it would be awfully silly to not go through to 600.” Except that’s 18,000 words, and it’s the middle of the night.  Knowing me and the way I write at night (i.e. the worst procrastinator in the world), it’ll be lucky if it gets to 590. But hey, that’s fine, 27k is perfectly doable for the daytime.  (*sigh*, my life is full of numbers and calculations and omg how much must I write in November)

Also, updated the excerpt again. Different subject matter completely, yet from the same novel 😀


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