Grit your damn teeth

I’m so damn close to being caught up. By midnight, I was 2k from being caught up. Granted, I then proceed to procrastinate for a couple of hours before getting a further 8k done (and then went to bed at about 5am).

But I’m really tired. I’ve spent the past two days (this will be the third) in a row desperately struggling to make up for lost words, and I don’t think I’ve slept a dozen hours total between those days. Yet when I tried to go to sleep this morning, it took me ages to fall asleep.

I keep telling myself if I can just catch up, then I can go to bed at whatever damn time I want. Except…I know that I can’t and won’t. Going to bed and waking up at any time after about 8:30 with the expectation that 35k can be written before midnight is practically ludicrous. Even when I do catch up (today, perhaps!) I still need to stay awake after midnight to begin wearing away at that number.

But perhaps tonight, that time can be closer to 3am or so and give me a blissful 6 hours.

And remember, sleep is for December!

So, self, grit your damn teeth and get on with it!

Also, I am so tired and making my brain come up with new ideas that I’ve slapped together ancient Greece and pre-modern Arabia and figured what the hell, sure they can mix’an’shit. It’s not plot irrelevant and I know that after I’ve tugged the strands of this story straight, parts of it are going to stay. It just looks a little funny at the moment.



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2 responses to “Grit your damn teeth

  1. beckywannacuppateani

    Wow. I’m so impressed! I’m NKD on NaNo, and have been following your progress. Keep it up! 😀

  2. LP

    En-togaed philosophers riding on camels, fighting the British during the day and discussing the ideal state around the oasis at night.

    I love it.

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