Early morning, day 16

And by early, I mean early. I mean, the sun isn’t up yet and I’ve failed thus far to make it to bed. But I don’t care. I’m in an astonishingly good mood despite just having finished writing a scene that made me cry here at my computer. For I have discovered something. I have now set up a playlist that’s an hour long on Itunes. Now, normally when I write, I write about a thousand, then pause, then start. This works most of the time, but if I’m unmotivated can lead to a lot of procrastination. Because I like my hands attached, I try not to do too much sprint writing at a time. But by the third week of November, my hands are stronger and better at handling it. Anyway, when the time comes for me to start, I turn off the clock function on my computer and hide the wordcounterometer in the MS Word document and I just write.

I can write about 5k words in an hour this way.

This is uber-cool.

I’m behind right now. I’m at 480,086 right now. I need to be at 512,218 tonight. But that’s only 6 of these marathon hours. (Okay, yeah, “only”, I know). I can *totally* do that.  I am a happy bunny tonight, and I think I might even be thinking about going to sleep.

(And this is where my body betrays me. I go to bed to nap for 3 hours and wake up at 2 in the afternoon, and so continue to get behind. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!)


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