Midway through Day 15


I feel behind. I am behind, actually. Even on my shiny new wordcount goals.


I’m most of the way through Book 2 (Weigh the Sins) and I’m liking how aspects of it turned out. It’s going to need a definite rewrite at some point, as I arbitrarily dropped several sub-subplots that I think could actually work out interestingly. It’s a little weird and a little cool, and it’s a nice little thing. But I’m only at 153,000 of it, and I’m supposed to be at 177,376 of it by midnight. Isn’t going to happen.

And then I’ve got a decision to make. Because by the end of tomorrow, I’m supposed to be at 512,218 total, which means I finish Book 2 and start something new. The question I’ve been asking myself all day as I procrastinate is do I want to go on to Book 3, which would probably be more logical, or do I want to go onto the dystopian one I’ve been looking forward to all month? I think I might leave the dystopian one until the end, when it looks increasingly likely that I’m going to have a massive push on the last few days, and that will be easier with something that I like (though as I’ve not started writing it yet, I can’t really say I’ll even enjoy it).

Probably another update after midnight so I can moan some more about the halfway mark. Maybe I’ll think of something clever and fun to do for all my lurky readers xD


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