Okay, Okay

So, I was all hyped up about my magic new plan yesterday, and so hyped up because I’d hit the goal. Well, the goal for today was 407,692. My wordcount come midnight? 403,007. Yeah, it’s 4,000 words, and you might think in my grand scheme of things, that that’s not a hell of a lot of words. And really, it’s not so much so, on the surface. That’s an hour to an hour and a half of work for me.

However. I am currently on a scheme which requires me to write 35,000 words a day. At my fastest (5k/hour..just about), that’s 7 hours a day. More likely, it’s closer to 10 or 11.  Just like everyone else, I’ve only got 24 hours in my day, and I watch TV for three hours a night with the family, cook and eat dinner with the family every day, and do sleep for several hours a night. Having to cut out an hour from the day when I’m trying to write that day’s words rather than yesterday’s I-was-lazy words is more prone than anything to set me back.

Sure, I’ve got an excuse. I went to bed at about 3. I slept until noon. I didn’t start writing again until 1:30. I still managed to push out 30,000 words. But I’ve got excuses for everything. *sigh*

I’ll just go ahead and blame Friday the 13th. Ugh. Naturally.

While I plan to hit 422,534 in the next 23.5 hours.



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2 responses to “Okay, Okay

  1. Chomsky-rabbit

    If there’s someone that can do it it’s probably you Kateness! Aren’t you the one that wrote over 50k in the last two days of Nano last year? So you would reach your 800k?
    Of course it is a lot of job and you don’t always have the time but I’m sure you can do it!

  2. Pedro

    I fleetingly ended up finding your blog while idly surfing – don’t know how I got here – and from here went on to NaNoWriMo and read the excerpt of “This is How it Ends/Just a Glimpse/Under the Infinite Skies/Legend of Paredin”. Now I want to read the whole thing. And I can’t.

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