A Plan? I have…a Plan? (Day 12)

Indeed, I have a plan. Late last night/early morning, I decided that it was time to stop wailing about how disastrously behind I was, and to do the math. It’s what people tell others who are struggling with their wordcount about not worrying: take the number of words you’ve done, subtract them from your goal, then divide by the number of days left.

The math from last night:

661,992/19= 34,841.68



Bear in mind that I was supposed to be writing 33,334 every day this month anyway. This is just an extra thousand and some. It allowed me to break out of my funk and I’m thrilled to say that I am now *back* on track to hit the million, with my new, modified schedule. It’s an awesome feeling. I can focus more on writing than stressing, and I got a lot of words done today, more than I’ve been able to do in past days. I honestly think it’s because I stepped back from the situation and actually defined what the rest of the month had to mean. Tomorrow’s goal is 408k. (okay, it’s 407,692, but my brain really likes round numbers).

In other news, I did finally update my novel excerpt. Ah, the joy of breaking a man, body and soul!

Planning to stay up a little later tonight and try to hit 380k, as that’ll be the end of the section. Off to go think about rituals to make a new chief, a chief….

(And good luck everyone on their wordcounts! And for anyone who’s feeling down,try the above method!)

In good cheer,




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4 responses to “A Plan? I have…a Plan? (Day 12)

  1. I’ve used that method myself, adn it really works on cheering me up. I mean, if you look at the grand plan it doesn’t seem all that impossible to get back on track, but if you look at only teh words you left behind, it will look much more difficult.
    Glad you’re back again. XD

  2. Arkadius

    Good job, kate! How have you been? You were the one that studied Russian, right?

  3. anne

    so i’ve been reading this sporadically, and felt compelled to comment.

    thank you.

    i did the same thing, and found that i really only need to up my daily goal by 2k. i’ll try to get 10k a day anyway, but i’ve been okay at getting the 8k i need for the past few days. i will not slip again. -nods-

    congrats on getting yourself back on track! you are amazing. seriously.

  4. Inspired

    Wow! Great work! Keep it up. By the way I read your novel excerpt and it is A-mazing. When you finish writing at the end of november and then the subsequent editing in later months, will you ever publish it? Online or in paper-back?

    Anyway, a big 😀 for you.

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