Good God I hate my aliens (general story-related rant)

I’m glad that everyone dies at the end of this fking trilogy. I don’t mind my regular humans so much (and now that I’ve got humans cast in two of my settings, I don’t mind either of them). I think that writing my Continent2 humans (as they appear in my notes, though the place has a damn name now) won’t be so bad once I figure out exactly how I’m going to do it, and I don’t mind my brief little monology things at the end of each section. Great. So that’s that much of the novel that usually comes out pretty fast and pretty well. There’s a weird bit where I think I’ve turned one of my MCs gay because I was reading about Alan Turing’s chemical castration in the way back when’s, felt sympathetic and thought what would happen in my world in that sort of situation. It might stick through draft two, it might not. Depends how tasteful it becomes as it develops. My humans are doing great. They have purpose, and mission, and goals and shit.

Even the humanoid aliens aren’t so bad. What I don’t like about them, I’ve realized, is that with all of the other storylines, there are multiple characters that I use to fill out all of the wordcount. In the humanoid aliens, I’ve just got the one, I’ve only got the shaman. And so I have to write a lot *more* words from his perspective than I do from the other humans’ perspective, and so it gets wearing as I try to conjure things up; I’m thinking of adding a second POV, but I’ve not decided yet.

But my god. The squid aliens. They were supposed to be awesome. They were supposed to be fun. They were supposed to do all this neat shit that humans couldn’t do. I’ve got a neurotic adolescent squid who has a major ego problem, two old codger squids that just sit around and talk, and about a dozen more whose names I can barely remember. I’ve even got *factions*, I’ve got renegade squids that want to kill all the other damn squids and go back to living solely underwater (they can walk on land here). Surely that should be at least *interesting*. Yet…it isn’t. It’s painful and slow to write, and I always leave that section last. Also, I hat referring to them as “it”, as they don’t identify with human gender, and some of my sentences look so fked up because I’ve got half a dozen “it”s in them. If this makes it to second draft, they get their own pronoun (and no, I don’t want to use hir or any of the other third gender pronouns). Plus, I hate their names and how bad I am at coming up with them. I spent a considerable amount of time debating with myself about just how their names would be; I ended up deciding that they’d name each other after nature/weather/etc. Trouble is, I didn’t bother to name any of them before this started and so now I’m naming them on the fly. I’ve got at least three “Moon”s and I can only remember two of them. But they die. All of them. There is a god.



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5 responses to “Good God I hate my aliens (general story-related rant)

  1. Incandescent

    The Columbia — South Carolina group is cheering for you, squid aliens and all. You can definitely do this. You have more ability to persevere in your big toe than I have in my whole body (and I’m known as a fairly stubborn person).


    My dog has decided to be prophetic. By rolling his face on the keyboard, he wrote the above. Translated from dog-prophecy language, that says “Kateness, even the australian shepherds are cheering for you. Go for it!”

  2. LP

    Have the squid people invaded by ravening racoon-like aliens with a taste for kalamari whom the aliens initially mistake for gods, and only realize too late are really politicians?

    Have them include, as an appendix, the entire 2000 page health care bill they are offering the squids. That should up your word count nicely. šŸ™‚

  3. Dauntless

    There is a god, and she is merciful. šŸ˜‰

    I have to read your trilogy someday… will you publish? You must. The Diva has spoken. šŸ˜‰

  4. LP

    Would it help to kill of the boring aliens in a spectacular way?

    Have a race of racoon-like super aliens with a taste for kalamari drop out of hyperspace on to them. The squids can think at first that the racoons are gods, and only discover too late for themselves that they are actually politicians.

    Have the entire 20000 page health-care package the racoons propose be added as an appendix. That’ll up your wordcount.

    (You know, a variation on the “Is your wordcount low? Add a lawyer!” advice).


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