good god, blahs!

Well, I started book 2 of the trilogy yesterday evening and got a colossal 7,000 words done. I’m sitting here at 14,000 now and I’ve been up for a little over four hours. This is very bad for me. And I was at this stage during the first book of the trilogy, too – I was ready to stop writing it and switch projects and hope I came back to it, liking it, later. But I pushed through and kept writing it, and I was enjoying it by the end of it. However, in Book 2 I add another two totally different, separate plotlines with different settings and pretty much entirely new casts (both also jump backwards in time, but surely that’s irrelevant!). I could write 50,000 in the next 13 hours and I’d *still* be behind (granted, only by a couple thousand words, but it’s the principle of the matter). I stopped writing about 45 minutes ago, guessing that staring and scowling at the screen wouldn’t get much done and took a break, making lunch (early lunch) and watching an episode of South Park. And now I’m writing this instead of the stupid story.

Week 2 is always hardest for me. I’ve just finished shifting my entire life around so I can dedicate my waking, breathing hours to this, and the pressure of it starts to set in. I usually always fall behind around now, which adds more pressure and so on.  At this point, I want to say that I can get to 340 before bed, but that seems so far away and even if I fking do that, I still end up 60,000 words behind. I’m not helping myself by not catching up at any appreciable rate, and if I don’t start making serious gains on my deficit by the end of the week, the odds of me getting to the million aren’t good at all. I need to sit down and just fking write.



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4 responses to “good god, blahs!

  1. You can do it! *jumps around in her cheerleading costume* Don’t give up hope!
    I hate week two. Everything just kind of slumps and it’s not as exciting as it used to be. But you can do it! I’m rooting for you!

    Also, I love the new layout of the blog. It’s an awesome color scheme.

  2. You can do it! Week Two is proving to be awful for me as well, but in monetary ways. We’re rooting for you here in Atlanta too, and I also agree that the new layout is very nice.

  3. jordanio10

    I would be very sad if you were to give up, a friend of mine already gave up and we here in Mexico would definitely hate to see one of our scarce Million Word Nanos give up, you are an inspiration to us all

    May chocolate and inspiration rain around your house

  4. fromhousewifetofilmmaker

    Hating our work and wanting to pitch it is normal. You’re being norrrmmmaallll. Possibly if you tell yourself that like a mantra it may help: I’m being normal. I’m being normal. I’m being normal. I also think the cussing is good. Very stress relieving. Do more of that. Never know it may stimulate creativity. Keep it up! I’m pulling for you.
    Theresa Jane

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