And so the nightmare begins

It was inevitable. One of these days, I was going to fall behind. Today, it was by 4,334 words. I’m in the process of making those up as we speak, but it means that today, I’ve got to write the better part of 39,000 words, which as we can see, I’m already having trouble getting to the 34k. *sigh*

In better news, I’m working towards the end of book 1 of the trilogy, called Balancing the Books.

I do have a plan. You see, by tomorrow (Monday), I need 300,000 words. So today, at the absolute very, very least, I need to finish Balancing the Books (I think this is possible), and then I jaunt over to my other 50,000 word piece, write what I can of it today (Sunday) and crank the rest out on Monday. It’s a much lighter and much less involved piece than this monstrous novel (which has actually not turned out so bad, all things considered), and so I think it’ll be a bit easier to write.

But it still sucks to fall behind.



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2 responses to “And so the nightmare begins

  1. kirosl

    Hey, I’m behind too. By 2546 words 🙂

    I enjoy your blog. I find it a bit humbling but inspirational too. Ah well, better get on, only done 453 today!

  2. Remember me? Well, even if you don’t, I’m still me.
    I’m sure you’ll do fine. Seriously, most people can only dream of having as many word as you do at the end of the month – and that’s at the end, and we’re only 8 days in.
    Don’t worry. 😀

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