Grooooooovy (Day 5)

Okay, I’m going to stop coming up with these awful titles eventually. But not when I’m in as good a mood as I’m in right now. When I went to bed at 3(ish), I knew that I only had 28,000 words to write today. I woke up at a decent hour (8:30), and have been hitting my writing groove all day. The words flow easily, they make sense, I’ve learned all sorts of new things about the squids, and I’ve learned how much I hate my humanoid aliens, who are the most boring aliens of all time. I look forward to slaughtering them in the next book of the trilogy. I’ve even learned how squids, who don’t carry guns, manage to kill so brutally.

And also, thanks to the fact that I’ve been trying to keep to an average of 34k a day rather than 33,334 (I’m a little OCD about rounded numbers), I’m now officially 1,333 words ahead of where I need to be, which is pretty awesome. I plan to continue on the 34k for as long as I can so that on the day when my brain explodes, I don’t need to write as much.

I still don’t feel too much hand pain. The most obvious side effect of my writing more than a couple thousand in an hour is that my fingers tremble, but there’s no numbness/tingling sensation/excruciating pain, so I think I’m fine. Also, I convinced my mom to do this. It’s going to be a hard slog the whole way, but I think I’m annoying enough to boss her around and get her to at least make a good go of it.



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2 responses to “Grooooooovy (Day 5)

  1. Incandescent

    I’m aiming for a Kateness day tomorrow — my goal was originally 30k to put me back on track for my 200k goal, but 33,333 is just as doable. Besides, you need more company in your insanity, right?

    May send boyfriend to store for wrist braces. I’m not used to writing more than 10k in a day, and I don’t want to screw up my wrists. Then again, I’m also flat broke, and having rent money is slightly more important than WriMo, so maybe I need to sort out my priorities.

    Enjoy those squid aliens! (Mmm, calamari).

    I have found that placing sleeping dogs on my feet is very good for writing, because any non-writing movement (ie: going to get a sandwich from the fridge, drinking unnecessary glasses of water or going to stare out the window into the darkness) would wake up the poor dears. I have a 5-month-old australian shepherd puppy dozing on each ankle, and it’s doing wonders for my wordcount. You should invest in one yourself 😉 I suggest a deaf one like my girl, Haven — her hearing brother Coda wakes up if you type too loudly.

    I’m just getting silly now. Back to the story for me!

  2. I saw you in the NaNo forums and your word count bar just crushed the self-esteem of my measly little 12,000 words. Or, slightly more wordy, it was like a pubescent boy with the beginnings of a tiny muscle running into one of those body builders whose veins are even musclular on the street.
    How is this possible??? I’m not sure if I should hail you as a godess or run away screaming.

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