How do I love thee? Let me count the ways (Day 4)

Ah, this post is dedicated to my hands, and all the bits that connect them to my body, down to my fingertips that do all the typing.

So, today starts with a funny story. There’s a clock in my room that I hardly ever use, so I didn’t bother to turn it back on Sunday (being rather preoccupied with other things as I was), and so when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was glance over at the clock (it, other than the computer and my phone, being the only time-telling device in my room). It said 7-something. Given that I want to get up early this month, I got out of bed, and went downstairs to discover it was actually 6-something. Sigh.

Plus, I was ridiculously tired this morning, and so after writing 3,000 words, collapsed off to take an 1.5hr nap. By this point, it was 11, and I still needed 30,000 words.

So for the next 3 hours, I did a 4-2-4 (4k/hr, 2k/hr, 4k/hr), bringing me down to needing 20k

Took a shower, and then, because it was the afternoon and I had to start dinner at some point, I did 2 4k hrs (12k still needed), and managed to fit in another 3,000 while dinner was cooking (down to 9k).

And then between 6:30 and 8:56, I wrote another 9,000, catching up to my target even though I never thought I would.

Normally, I don’t push myself to write too many consecutive 4k hours. It’s not really very good for my hands/wrists/arms and I’m sorta attached to them. But my hands have performed beautifully today, with nary a complaint. Oh hands, how I love thee, and may you live long to type!


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  1. Inspired

    😀 Keep going you good thing!

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