day 1

(note: they’re probably not going to be as broken down as this in the future; just want to give some idea of my process/thoughts as day 1 goes by)

12am: Time to go!

3am: 12,000 words done. Going to slow down to 3k/hour (over 4k…yes, the math doesn’t work because of the clock switch-back, but I rested 15 minutes between blocks of 4k) for the next 2 hours. I think I can legitimately get to 24,000 before bed. Coolness.

5am: 18,000 words done. My hands are feeling much better; they were shaky and sore at 3. Still, this next hour is going to be a 2k hour, to make sure my hands are properly doing okay. After that, might do a 4k hour before I finally pack it in for the night. We’ll see.

5:46am: 20,000 words. Tiredness is majorly setting in . I’m resting until the top of the hour, when I’ll decide whether I want to put out one last hour of work or give in and go to sleep. In any case, if I don’t keep going I’m perfectly happy with a 20k kickoff. That means I’ve got 14k to write the rest of the day. A bit under 4hours of work, though I’d gladly take more.

6am: decided to go to sleep. Alarms set for 8,9, and 10. My bet is I’ll get up around noon. thank god for moms.

10am: awake again. Not going to start writing for half an hour so as to let my brain turn on. Hands feel fine. I think I’ll start with 6k in 90 minutes (4k/hour pace) and see how I feel at noon.

12pm: 26,000 words. Time for a shower now. After that, more words.

Okeydoke. That’s done. Now 8k before 3pm, which will take my to my necessary 34k.  I don’t know if I’ll make it to 50k today, but I’ll get close. I figure I can get at least 45k, and if I can’t get to the full 50 by midnight, I’ll just stay up a little late and get it done.

1:17pm: 30,000 words. Hands still feeling okay. Teensy bit shaky, but that’s normal at the beginning of the month. It’ll get better as time goes on.  Alternating on and off with the wrist braces; they help to a point but also cause stiffness in my wrists.

2:45pm: 34,022 words. Going to take a bit of a break now, an hour or so. I don’t have to write any more words today, but I think I’d like a bit of padding for days when I can’t get the 33,333, when I’ve got the time to do them. Falling behind with goals like this is deadly.

5pm: 36,000 words. Okay, yeah, long break. Back to work. Goal: 40k before dinner. If only I knew when dinner was 😀

6:31pm: 41,009 words plus dinner. (yum chicken in my tummy).

TV starts at 8. Want 46,000 by then. Then I’m going to take the laptop downstairs and write while I watch TV. Goal? 1k per hour of television =3k = 49k, and then I just have to chug out another thousand when I get back upstairs.

Holy shit. This is doable. I woke up this morning really not believing.

11:00pm: 48,000. I stopped because that chapter is the only one in the whole damn thing that I really don’t like very much. I need my absolute concentration to write. I decided to stop, and it’s meant that I have to change the ending, though the ending I had wasn’t very good.

11:11: 49,014.

11:29: 50,052. Fuck yeah.  I’m not totally in love with the ending, but I think there are some aborted subplots that could deal with being explored in a future draft. Because I’m actually really liking the way this one turned out, no matter I wrote it in a day (24.5 hours if we’re being really picky)

I’ve been thinking about the mess that is my synopsis/excerpt page. I think starting from now, the only thing that will be up is the synopsis of the one I’m currently working on, and then the excerpt as my favorite scene I wrote that day (so the excerpts will change daily, if I remember), and thus the excerpt for this one will be up until midnightish tomorrow. I’m taking the one down that I put up earlier today and debating between a couple of scenes I really liked.

*self-satisfied smile*

I’ve never done this for a NaNo before, and of all the pieces I’ve written 50k in a day (about 3 or 4), this one is the most coherent and most enjoyable one I’ve written.



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7 responses to “day 1

  1. Lora

    You’re still my hero, now even more so. Congratulations on the 50k! Good luck with your quest for a million words! I’ll be cheering you on! 😀

  2. africanstardust

    Whoa. You = my hero. Go you!

  3. Wow, you’re amazing.
    Keep going!
    This makes my 25k seem minuscule. xP

  4. I really can’t even imagine how you manage to, in a day, write what everyne else is strugling to write in a month. Are you super-women or something? XD
    Seriously, you’re amazing!

  5. Holy moly, that is insane and amazing. Congratulations! (Also, do they mass-produce those wrists? I want some.)

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  7. Arthur Rider

    Amazing. And no “cheats.” I usually setup a plot with a list of characters beforehand, to help me move along, but 50K iin one day ans 1million in a month is incredible.

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