Gratuitous? I like to think so.

As expected, I’ve still done next to no work on This is How it Ends. I’ve made a couple of maps, which is useful, and I’ve named the countries. I’ve even given them cities and such. But I’m in a lazy and weird sort of mood today/yesterday. To why I’m amusing myself in such a pointless way, a little backstory is required. The three continents on this planet were settled thousand(s) of years prior, and each of the three are based on one of the blocs that existed on Earth at the time of the flight (I should solidly define those…hmm…EuroAmerican, Middle East, Sino-Soviet, Everyone Else…hey, in thirty seconds, I’ve done more work on this project than I have most days this week!).

So, when they land they’re going to name places in recollection of places back on Earth. And then time passes, language evolves, history happens, etc etc, and so they get mutated. I had a bit of fun ages ago working out the Russian one – I took a linguistics course in college, Introduction to Language Change and so I spent the better part of an hour trying to imagine the things that could happen to Novaya Rodina (New Homeland) and Novaya Moskva (New Moscow), and I’m confident that you see no trace of that in the names they presently have. But then time passed, I got lazy, and it came to this week and two of the three continents still weren’t named. So I got lazier. The Middle East one will be painfully obvious once the backstory about the travel from Earth is introduced. We then go to the EuroAmerican one, which I suspect is largely unrecognizable but not because of any cleverness on my part, as above.  I was messing around with names in my head, and I was thinking about the way Americans talk, especially when they talk fast, and slur words together. So my three cities I have labeled on the map are Yark (New York), Shago (Chicago), and Deesay (D.C.). It’s not clever, it’s not funny and yet I’m not changing it until the second draft (if this monster makes it to that).

Now back to puzzling how squid aliens would name themselves…


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