Knock on Wood?

So, no sooner do I put up a post saying I’ve made up my mind, than my mind goes off and changes itself. The alien story has been scrapped, which wasn’t hard as it never really got fleshed out. I decided I’m not funny enough to write it and don’t think I can pull enough plot in to make it anything other than excruciating torture. This coming month, I need things to write that I’m actually going to want to write.

What’s really annoying, though, is me sitting on my bed, happily reading a book when the kernel of an idea comes into my mind and 10 pages later in the book, I’ve no idea what’s happened because my brain is off somewhere else. Welcome, though, as I’m starting to get a little panicky about all the work that still needs to be done. Before I go to bed tonight, I want to outline this new idea and finish up the last smidges of planning for Just a Glimpse.

So the project that we’re going to pretend is the last one my brain is going to come up with is a play on the traditional fantasy hero quest. The ideas are still working through my mind, but it might be worth something, and I think I’ve already thought of more than enough plot. I just need to let the idea simmer through my skull. In more good news, my 15 viewpoint characters for Just a Glimpse now all have names!

I have all my music bought for the coming month, and am refusing to let myself start listening to it until the stroke of midnight next Sunday. (In case anyone cares, the music in question is/are Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin), Everything Ends (Ground to Dust), Maybe I’m Dreaming (Owl City), Awake (Skillet), The Alchemy Index, Vol 2. (Thrice), and Wounds Wide Open (To/Die/For)…and no comments about my taste, or lack thereof, about music!)

Nearly November 1!  (Feels almost like Christmas!)


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  1. IlovetowriteSMP

    Best of luck on your NaNo novel.

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